vSphere HTML5 client

vSphere HTML5 client

VMware Labs has just announced that it will be releasing a full-fidelity vSphere HTML5 client this coming Fall.

For VMware administrators, the vSphere client is an essential part of their administration toolkit. In smaller, non-clustered deployments, it is the de facto tool for administering ESXi hosts. With previous releases of vSphere, the client software has been thick, meaning it is typically downloaded and installed on each administrator’s device. This somewhat hinders administration flexibility.

For larger, clustered deployments, vCenter is generally used to administer the environment. As a premium product, it has a web-based interface with full fidelity features. All administrators need is a device with an HTML5 compliant browser to perform end-to-end administration. This means easier administration for non vCenter deployments, which is great news for VMware administrators!


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